Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cuckold Husbands

Travel to where you will be able to see and learn about all of the different types of cuckolded husbands. It does not matter whether you are the husband who actually likes to watch or you are being forced into it.

Some cuckold husbands are locked up in chastity belts, some are written on. Many enjoy preparing their hot wives and others are humiliated due to their small tool which fails to satisfy.
Then there are the wives who like to sissify their husbands. Again, there seem to be many reasons for doing this as well. At KingdomFetish dot com the wives show us how they handle their husbands - and enjoy other men in the process!

Awe! Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a hotwife in action.
If cuckolding is not your thing, perhaps you enjoy eating the sweet nectars which come from the male tool.

No? Well perhaps some brutal cbt?
When all else fails, you can always enjoy watching a little domination!
Material is available in pay-per-clip as well as being able to download movies.
Come to the Kingdom and discover your fetish.

Many ask, what is a cuckold? The dictionary definition is as follows:
A man whose wife is unfaithful; the husband of an adulteress. Some known traits include:
1. A man who gains pleasure in the knowledge that his wife has made love or is making love to other men. Cuckolds are usually submissive, often have a small rod, suffer from premature blow, 'enjoy' humiliation and are rarely able to satisfy their wives.
2. A man who gains pleasure when sissified and then forced to watch his wife with another man.
3. A man who may be financially dominated because he cannot stand the fact that he may lose his "trophy" wife. She then learns she can dominate him in other ways as well, including sex with other men and humiliation.

... and so the list can go on. Why not find out for yourself what it is all about? Or better yet, tell us some of your stories!!!

Meet the Wives of the Kingdom!